LUKAS live – in our TECHNIKUM technical department

LUKAS banks on close contact with our customers.

When we work with you, we look closely at your processes so we know what you will need to help you succeed in your markets. Our Engelskirchen technical department is core to our philosophy of customer proximity. The newly built test centre is technically well equipped to ensure hands-on support over and above simple product sales. Make an appointment to use our technical department for:

  • theoretical training
  • practical training
  • proficient product consultancy by our experienced application experts
  • bespoke tool tests

Visit our technical department to learn about the full potential of LUKAS tools. During your visit, we will demonstrate innovations, introduce you to new technology and show you how to make the best use of LUKAS tools. What is more, we will work with you to identify solutions to specific applications, including individual expert advice. Of course you will have the opportunity to test our products for yourself in our technical department.


Training at LUKAS' technical department:

  • Metal tools
  • Bonded grinding tools
  • Flexible grinding tools
  • Ultrahard grinding tools
  • Pneumatic hand power tools
  • Safe working using hand grinding tools

Our standard training classes can be adjusted to accommodate your specific wishes and needs.