Engraving cutters from solid carbide and HSS

General Information

We furnish the appropriate LUKAS engraving cutter for almost any type of engraving – regardless of whether you want to engrave non-ferrous metal, plastics, stainless steel, acryl or other materials professionally, cleanly and rapidly. Please select the LUKAS engraving cutter that is optimally suited for the engraving application and the material from our wide range of different shapes and hardness. Based on clever engineering and firstclass production, all LUKAS engraving cutters are designed for a long service life, whether made from tungsten carbide (K 10 F) or HSS (high-speed steel HSS 50 or HSS 60). This is our contribution to cost reduction for engraving operations in your production processes. LUKAS tungsten carbide or HSS engraving cutters are supplied as semi-finished products with rough-ground profile (+ 0.1mm) or finish-ground to your specification.


HGA Engraving cutters from solid carbide (grade K10F)

with diameter 3 to 12 mm and various profiles


HGS Engraving cutters from solid carbide, spiral-flute type

for burr-free engraving of non-ferrous metals and plastics