Grinding discs for Inox

Owing to a continuous development and the use of state-of-the-art technology we are able to offer you three new grinding disc qualities in our High Performance Line to grind stainless steel.

The new structured surface of these three new grinding disc qualities will result in a more aggressive grinding.


More efficiency with current development

  1. Grinding discs  T27 PROGRESS, Quality A24S-BF INOX, Thickness 7 mm
    softer bond for very smooth grinding with high stock removal

  2. Grinding discs  T27 PROMAX, Quality A24U-BF INOX, Thickness 7 mm
    harder bond for high stock removal and high tool life

  3. Grinding discs  T27 PROGRESS COOL JOBBER, A36V-BF INOX, Thickness 3 mm
    optimally suitable for combination of cutting and grinding