Purple Grain

Aggressive. Durable. Ergonomic.

Maximum removal rate with consistently aggressive grinding performance and long service life: "Purple Grain Single" and "Purple Grain Multi" – these are the ceramic-grain all-rounders for your heavy-duty applications. The two new, exceedingly forceful grinding discs combine the advantages of three conventional tools: the aggressiveness of a fibre disc, the uniform wear of a rough-grinding disc and the durability of a high-quality flapwheel. Purple grain tools remain consistently aggressive in the centre of the disc, right down to the last grain, and achieve a high quality finish with their cool grinding action, without blue discoloration.Let Purple Grain do the work, not your arms! Low contact pressure and very smooth running ensure maximum working comfort. These advantages also allow the new highlights of our tried and tested iQ series to score in terms of ergonomics. Backing pads are not required for the two discs – this saves costs and generates time advantages during tool changes.

ceramic grain

innovative ceramic grain

Self-sharpening ceramic grain ensures consistently aggressive, cool grinding with at the same time low contact pressure. The tools remain aggressive in their grinding capacity, right down to the last grain.

Ceramic grain: aggressive right to the very end
Purple Grain Single

Purple Grain Single: the dynamic all-rounder with a long service life

Even with the use of very little force, "Purple Grain Single" achieves removal rates with a "wow" effect. The integrated backing pad made of environment-friendly recycled fibre guarantees a high degree of stability and durability. The innovative structure allows uniform wear and tear without overheating, embrittlement or eruptions. The deep offset zone allows you to work at a flat angle.Thanks to its special tool geometry, the "Purple Grain Single" can also reach inaccessible areas, thus offering more possible applications than a conventional tool.

Purple Grain Multi

"Purple Grain Multi": three times the removal rate!

With its unique multilayer design, the powerful "Purple Grain Multi" achieves maximum service life. The wear of the three grinding layers remains under control right up to the end. This is reflected in measurable cost savings compared with conventional tools. The integrated M14 threaded holder ensures superfast tool changes without an annoying clamping nut. With its flat tool geometry, the "Purple Grain Multi" achieves very good finishes, thus obviating the need for reworking.