LUKAS sales promotion at the POS

We have greatly enhanced our dealer portfolio so that you can offer a broader LUKAS range, which includes tools for different applications. In addition to the iQ series, we provide mounted points, mounted flap wheels, tungsten carbide burrs und tool-sets in modern, appealing LUKAS sales packaging.

All packs come with the information necessary for your customers to be able to choose the tool they want without the need to ask. The POS presentation format enables customers to pick up the packs themselves, whilst at the same time serves as a point of contact if they wish to ask for more information about products and the product range.

The LUKAS dealer range comprises

• Lamellar Flap Discs
• Mounted points
• Mounted flap wheels
• Tungsten carbide burrs
• Tool-sets
• Cutting Discs
• Grinding Discs
• Diamond Cutting Discs