Exploring space
with LUKAS

Special mounted points for turbine components

In the aerospace industry, it's all about quality, safety and dependability. This is why this industry has been using LUKAS tools for surface treatment for many years now. Applications include grinding, milling, cutting or polishing turbine blades, cages, housings or combustion chambers, finishing cabin plastic components or preparing the shell for painting. Our range is focused on materials including aluminium, titanium, Hastelloy or composites.


Mounted flap wheels for GRP, CRP and ALU

We have been active in the aerospace industry for many years and therefore have a good understanding of the specific requirements of this industry. We have developed a range of suitable tool solutions, some of them involving a high degree of specialization. For instance, the LUKAS V2 Power mounted flap wheel is ideal for handling composites frequently used in the aerospace industry. For these applications, our 125 mm system is available with a specific silicon carbide grinding material for you to obtain the optimal results within the shortest period of time.


For milling operations, we offer LUKAS HFP tungsten carbide burrs, optionally with face gear or drill bit. This maximizes safety and optimizes cutting efficiency. We will be happy to work with you to find or develop a suitable LUKAS solution that ideally matches your requirements. Get ready to explore space!

Milling and drilling using one single tool