Cut simply everything with LUKAS!

No matter what you need to cut on your site, be it tiles, roof tiles, bricks, marble, gas concrete, fresh concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, steel or stainless steel: With LUKAS you always find the right tool to finish your job in the best possible way. It goes without saying that this also applies to asphalt and rail tracks!

On your site the cutting tools as e.g. Diamond Cutting Discs or resin bonded Cutting Discs are expected to work fast, safe and reliable on all sorts of construction materials. Due to carefully selected raw materials and permanent monitoring of the production process LUKAS offers a wide programme of permanent top quality.

Try our VDC, the universal Diamond Cutting Disc for nearly any workpiece, if you do not again and again want to use every time a new tool for cutting of reinforced concrete, bricks or plastic tubes.

Try our special Diamond Cutting Disc for your special cutting operation if you want to achieve the optimum result.

LUKAS Cutting and Grinding Disc programme