VDC revolutionizes grey iron separation!

Diamond cutting disc to separate cast iron

With an extremely long service life, double cutting speed and universal grit size suitable for a range of grey iron/nodular iron separation processes (GG and GGG), as well as brass and red bronze, VDC from LUKAS stands out from conventional cutting discs. VDC is a specific diamond cutting disc and has been developed particularly for grey iron applications. Compared to standard cutting discs, it is notable for: 

•    its constant diameters
•    the lack of a best before date
•    hardly producing any dust and no bad smells during cutting
•    its extra long service life

LUKAS VDC can be used on commercial angle grinders and is available with grit sizes optimized to separate cast iron.


To us, grates, deadheads, risers and cavities are not foreign words

Burrs for any type of casting material

With LUKAS, your die is in good hands. We provide bespoke cutting, grinding and milling tools for your specific casting material. Do you need mounted points with an extra long shaft to manage deep drill hole applications? Do you need burrs to deburr cast parts? Do you want to remove deadheads quickly and efficiently? Do you have to remove cavities?

No problem, please contact us.