High precision tools for high precision machinery.

Mechanical and plant engineering have been among LUKAS' customer base right since the beginning. For this segment, we have developed a large number of specific tools, e.g., for bevelling, deburring or machining inside of drill holes. Working with our customers, we have been able to enhance these yet further. We offer a large product range to meet a wide range of different requirements and challenges in plant and mechanical engineering, complemented by tailored solutions where necessary.

Reverse deburring with HFS

Selection of industry-specific tools:

Spherical tungsten carbide burr for drill holes
  • Lamellar flap disc with abrasive cloth from ceramic grit
  • Mounted flap wheels with zirconia aluminium oxide and special coating containing active grinding additives
  • Mounted flap wheel with shaft, NKE quality
  • Mandrel with zirconia aluminium oxide powder abrasive bands
  • Mounted points in NK-BA soft quality
  • Tungsten carbide burrs, cut 4
  • Polyurethane polishing tool
  • LUKAS deburring burr, also suitable for reverse 


Our catalogue, which includes application recommendations and material groups will help you find the right tool for your mechanical or plant engineering applications. We will be happy to work with you to choose the perfect solution.