In great shape!

Polishing point makes your mould shine

Precision and quality tools

In tool and mould making, surfaces are a major factor in the quality of the end product. We therefore offer precision and quality tools that meet even most exacting demands in terms of surface finish. With our broad range of special tools, we will help you to ensure optimal inside and outside finishing of extrusion dies, plastic injection moulds, extruders or glass moulds.



The smooth mini mounted flap wheel

Top-quality surface finishing

Our mounted flap wheel with shaft (SFL) is an example of a special LUKAS tool for the mould making industry. It is suitable for either manual or stationary use and gives the best surface finish results. To find out what tools are most suitable for your application, please contact your LUKAS surface optimization consultant. No matter what the process, we will come up with a suitable tool solution that exactly meets your needs in terms of both quality and price.