Perfect solutions for aerospace

Precision tools for the most demanding requirements

Already in Otto Lilienthal’s day, aerospace was seen as an infi nitely exciting fi eld of activity.

Thanks to ever-increasing mobility, interest in fl ying continues to grow and the challenges increase at the same rate. This leads to the commitment to be extremely well organised, balancing the pressures of deadlines and quality requirements, and to perform at the highest level whilst considering cost effecti-veness, adherence to deadlines and a willingness to dare to innovate. Both the manufacture and main-tenance of aircraft requires extensive scientifi c knowledge of materials and their properties: strength, load-bearing capacity and fl ight characteristics – coupled with knowledge of the conditions under which the craft are operated, such as thermodynamics and climatic requirements.

Inherent to this is the constant optimisation of quality and economy. The cost-saving potential of choosing the right tool for the job also plays an important role: the tool must be perfectly matched to the high-tech materials that need to be machined.

LUKAS has kept pace with developments in the aerospace industry through the years.

Our objective: maximum performance for you!